Video Counseling

We are continually offering TeleTherapy (i.e., Video Counseling) using HIPAA-compliant methods that are aimed at providing the highest degree of confidentiality while you are participating in therapy remotely. It is important to note that this service is meant to be for those residing in the State of Texas.

While Video Counseling offers several advantages such as convenience and flexibility, it is an alternative form of therapy or adjunct to therapy and thus may involve some disadvantages and limitations.  For example, there may be a disruption to the service (e.g. connection gets cut off or video drops).  This can be frustrating and interrupt the normal flow of personal interaction.  Primarily, there is a risk of misunderstanding one another when communication lacks visual or auditory cues.  For example, if video quality is lacking for some reason, your clinician might not see various details such as facial expressions.  Or if audio quality is lacking, I might not hear differences in your tone of voice that I could easily pick up if you were in my office.

Additionally, therapy in the office decreases the likelihood of interruptions.  However, there are ways to minimize interruptions and maximize privacy and effectiveness.  At Connect, we take every precaution to insure technologically secure and environmentally private psychotherapy sessions.

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